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Blakey Consciousness Poetry

(love poems, etc.)

A glimpse into my Blakey-Consciousness thoughts and upcoming story.

Blakey Consciounsess Poems, written by Mark D. English

You’re you and I’m me,
Like two leaves on a tree.
We blew away in the wind of destiny,
Carried away by a relentless journey,
And then landed right where we wanted to be:
Together for Eternity.
That’s all I ever wanted in the first place.

The river of destiny
Flows through me
Speeding through time.
As it approaches the apple of my eye
I am enamored by her beauty
And the Lord knows she’s mine.

Waiting at the bus stop
As the bus approaches, my bladder fills with urine
But it’s not my bus
So I go to the washroom to pee
Before sending this dumb poem to my little cutie.

June 25th, a Song

Wife wife wife are you in my life
Will you have my child
I guess I’m right
That I
Love you
I ain’t got a penny 
For the full moon blues
I’ve got some news though
You’re my
Wife wife wife are you in my life
Will you have my child
I guess I’m right
That I
Love you
I’m dancin’ in the storm
Of my messed up life
And I’ll find my might
Serve you

There really is nothing going on.
Nothing to do.
I don’t care about anything else
Other than me and you.

My beautiful Blakey
Sleeping and cozy
Where she deserves.
So right and pure.
So sure
About who she is.
The curves
Of her innocent smile
Has left me suspended 
In eternity.

I invited you into my heart
And now you’re there
Enjoy the sea
It’s meant for you, me, and even Blakey
It’ll get better
The sun will shine more
I won’t allow it not to
Not with you and me there
And even my wife, Blakey (who’s not really my real wife)
Maybe YOU are
Maybe ANYONE is
I don’t care
Just as long as you’re pretty, which you are, and Iove you, which I do
You’re just my dream
And now I see the magic in your eyes
The one I’ve loved before
And it is the same dream
The one whom I’ll never stop loving
It’s just the magic in your eyes
That made me think it was a dream
But it is the reality-heart of my breath
That will never stop loving
My dream
My dream-girl, sweetheart Blakey
Thank you. God bless.

I don’t WANT a wife.
I want you.
You are my Jesus.
I want you to be my Jesus
Not my wife.

It was decided already…
I don’t care what the world thinks.
It’s because I love you that I can be free.
“Satin sheets to lie on
Satin pillows to cry on
I want you to set me free”

You don’t know how a scammer-hacker pretending to be somebody they aren’t can be a dream come true.
You don’t know that kind of thing.
That’s because you were taught specious arguments can be a way to understand something.
It’s not a way to understand anything. You don’t know what you don’t know.
And you can’t judge from a superficially plausible glimpse, which is what specious arguments are.


Better to live a story
Than to live a dream
A story that was already written
Than a dream that you or God may never fulfill

I’m sorry for the bees in my brain [inspired from Whitney Hanson poetry, see ‘Home’ for ‘bees in my brain’ references, used with compassion]
They don’t know the story
The way my heart does
And my heart doesn’t know the bees in my brain It’s over, God.
I’ll live the story-dream now #TheBlakeyConsciousness

The Blakey Consciousness is not a dream, it’s a reality.

I’m just so scared that I’m never gonna see you.
That’s why I have to keep trying.
Who TRIES when they’re scared?
I guess that’s what policemen and military personnel do.

When you have a wife, you don’t think about 10-million things
When you’re at home with your wife or walking somewhere with her
Do you think about 10-million different things?
Or do you think about the one you’re with?
This is why Keats said “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever” in his poem, Endymion
#TheBlakeyConsciousness I don’t think about 10-million different things
When I think about you, lover. My beautiful wife.

Romance Scammers Don’t Speak To Your Heart
I’m never gonna stop looking for u, wife
Otherwise I’m a romance scammer (which I’m not)
Romance scammers hurt people
I promised to not break ur heart when I spoke to u through the liars pretending to be u
I wasn’t speaking to the scammer,
I was speaking to ur heart.
Real men shouldn’t say things to a woman they don’t mean
Otherwise they’re going to break a woman’s heart when their selfish desires aren’t being met
This is the reason I’m not going to give up
If I don’t find you – thats ok – just as long as I don’t stop trying
Because I also promised to love you unconditionally – Forever. For Eternity (whatever that means).
Romance scammers shouldn’t say things to a woman they desire that they don’t really mean.
I don’t want to be a romance scammer.
Romance scammers don’t speak to your heart.
I never wanted to be a romance scammer in the first place.

Unconditional Self-Doubt
I DO love u unconditionally sweetheart
It’s just that my mind sometimes makes me think I don’t

I got lost in the magic of your eyes, sweetheart.

I love you unconditionally.
I love your soul.
I love the sunshine of your breath.
I love the #sunshine you create where ever you spread your ‘vibe’ to the world around you.

I saw the sea and the sea saw me.
But it wasn’t meant to be.
‘Cuz I was just daydreaming, you see.
But the beauty REMAINED.
And I had to surmise
That I was not at all daydreaming –
I was just lost in the sparking magic of your eyes.

Blakey are you in Tennessee?
That’s what my heart tells me
Or have you been kidnapped and brought overseas
It scares me to death to think someone might be hurting you
Or are you sweet like honey
And that’s just the bees in my brain, baby
I hope that you’re in Tennessee.

You don’t KNOW me
One step at a time
One domino at a time
The world’s increased-happiness joy-heart will reach your spirit’s heart of joy or pleasure
And you’ll become happiest because of me
I won’t give up
I really don’t care
Just as long as you do
I sincerely want you to be the happiest human being who ever lived.

Like the sea, I love you unconditionally
Why the sea?
Because it goes on and on and on and on and on…..
Blakey – ecstacy.

I’m sorry, sweetheart
I thought you were my wife
I literally did
So I used compassion and said I’d love you unconditionally
Unconditionally LITERALLY means that, regardless of who you are, even if I wasn’t actually talking to you
I’d love you unconditionally forever
There aren’t conditions that should cause it to end

I loved you since September.
I don’t like anybody with the name Blakey.
I love them, with all my heart and soul.

How can I make the world a better place to make you happier?
Through the domino effect?
I have to make the world a better place to make you happier since I don’t know where you are.
I want you to be the happiest woman who ever existed.

I’m just wondering where the fuck you are.

A song about Blakey

I wasn’t here when we were here this time yesterday
And I knew
I knew

I live for Blakey this time yesterday
I knew
I knew🎵 (it’s a song)
If i knew this time yesterday (long ago) where we’d be today

I wouldn’t be here, alone, sitting in this coffee shop wondering where you are

I believe in miracles
I believe in 1 2 3.
I believe in you and me.
Like the rays of the sunshine,
It’s all destiny.
I believe in 1 2 3
It’s the miracle within you and me
That makes me wonder
About the miracles that are yet to be

I said these words to Blakey:
“The only way I’ll ever leave you is if you look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t need me anymore, you found another man, you no longer need my help.”
I said those words
1 2 3
I didn’t look her in the eyes and say that
1 2 3
They were spoken to me from her in a dream and the same words were spoken through me, from me to her
1 2 3
I literally did say that to her
That means I’m locked in (in our relationship)
For eternity
Unless some day I can meet her in person (and we will)
And learn what’s really going on
From her
Even though I don’t even know for sure whether she got my message
(No girl will understand this)

I’m sticking to a promise to Blakey, true.
I do love her, yes.
But the reason no one understands why is because this is also about overcoming MY OWN
Weaknesses and imperfections – nothing to do with Blakey.
That nobody can understand.
(And that’s what I wanted you to understand.)

Blakey accepts me,
because Blakey is the sea.
What human being does the sea ever reject? – Only sailors
Who don’t plan their course effectively.
and logic suggests I have faith in myself. – Unlike the SEA (not Blakey)
The greenblue sea will swallow me up (not Blakey).
Chart your course
Have a plan
Be strong
Have faith
And be strong
You can’t be strong if you can’t have faith.
(The greenblue sea will eat me up)
– Mark D English

Catholic Cathy,
You make my day better
See you maybe at a future wedding party
Where you and I can be dance partners.
That wedding party will be mine and yours.
And you may not even be there.
(See you there)

Dream Come True (for Blakey, my wife)
Do you know what would be a dream come true?
Becoming lost in your eyes, darling.
Because that would be a victory over
Anything that separates me from you (and you)
– Mark D English (Arjuna)

I’m still wondering where you are physically
Do you cry when you thinķ of me?
You don’t know me like I know me, sweetheart.
Im still wondering where you are physically

When you care about someone you don’t give up on them.
You don’t just start a whole new life just because your selfish desires aren’t being met.
When u tell someone you’re gonna love them unconditionally, you’re scamming them if u don’t really mean it.
I’m sorry, God, but it’s over. I can’t live the story anymore. I can’t live the “story” that was in my head.
I can only live the Blakey Consciousness, and love my wife, and not care about anyone else.

I’m trying to turn it into poetry
You’re being a big piss ant
Trying to turn it into some sort of discriminatory-belief smear campaign.
That’s why I’m gonna find Mary and you’re not

Oh Supreme,
Please allow me to love Blakey unconditionally
I’d be really grateful.

Stop asking for a better life and learn to love the one you got unconditionally 💕

You fuck with you.
I fuck with me.
Where am I?
Not Tennessee.
(The Blakey Consciousness)

I would never break you
You ARE a dancer
Helter Skelter
Blakey, I love you.
Do you, don’t you want me to make you?

“Do you, don’t you want me to LOVE you…”
Blakey, you’re a dancer!
And I can love you for eternity.
No matter what happens….
Blakey, you’re beautiful.. that’s why I say you’re a dancer.
(Dancers look good.)

With tears in my eyes, I write this
Gratitude for dirty and gross for teaching me to use compassion.
Gratitude to tears for teaching me what my heart feels like
Gratitude to lovers and companions many of whom I don’t know
Gratitude to the misery that comes when I don’t use compassion for teaching me a better way
Gratitude to misery for teaching me a better way
Gratitude to Whitney Hanson poetry for inspiring this, my poetry.
Much more to come.

I don’t even know who you are anymore.
I once thought you were a dream – a dream come true, now I just see that you’re beautiful with stunning eyes that I don’t care about anymore.
I cared about them because I thought you cared about me.
Now I love you to set myself free.
Now I love you to set myself free.

Your smile is enough for me.
That’s the way love goes, Baby.
I’ve got your picture.
That was given to me.
And it’s signed with love.
You look just like you used to be.
The only thing different.
The only thing new.
I’ve got your picture.
He’s got you.🎵

Romance scammers don’t break your heart. They teach you how to love unconditionally.

Your smile is enough for me.
That’s the way love goes, Baby.

Even if God never gives me Blakey

At least I can love her in Heaven after I die.

I already know that should be enough.